The Heritage Centre is now closed until Friday 4th February 2022.

Here's three great videos - the first introducing you to the Knutsford Millennium Taptestry, the second providing a history of Knutsford and the second taking us back to 1961!

The Knutsford Tapestry

The Knutsford Millennium Tapestry is a unique piece of artwork and historical record of Knutsford at the turn of the millennium. In this video you'll hear about how it was made and get a glimpse into just how amazing it is.

Knutsford in Portrait

This feature length film provides a comprehensive history of Knutsford narrated by John Howard and the late Joan Leach. It features footage of Knutsford from the mid-late 90s.

Cranford Heritage

Cranford Heritage is a video from 1961 which shows footage from across the town with narration. The video includes scenes from the 1961 Royal May Day parade and crowing, a Civic Sunday parade showing the Urban District Council Chairman as well as footage from the town centre, residential areas and allotments.

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