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Knutsford Heritage Centre welcomes groups of up to 50 and provides a range of activities.  FREE coach parking is available by arrangement in the Tatton Street car park.  Group visits are available during the day or evening and may include any of the booking options described below.

Booking Options

KHC – Remarkable Women Walk

No longer a walk, but click here for full Tour description

Knutsford Tapestry Talk
Enjoy a 30 minute talk on the masterpiece created by over 3,000 members of the local community. The Tapestry captures life in Knutsford in the year 2000. Three large panels Tatton, Canute and Toft which together are an incredible 40ft long, contain a staggering 6.5million stitches! The talk explains how and why it was made and tells some of the real life stories at the heart of this unique piece of art.

Knutsford Guided Walking Tours
The best way to discover the rich history of Knutsford is through one of our hour-long guided tours:

Knutsford – 1000 years of History

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This walk encompasses 1000 years of history and takes visitors along the length of King Street, the oldest of Knutsford’s streets and originally named ‘Via Regia’ after King Edward 1.  From impressive Tatton Park to the beautiful 17th century Brook Street Chapel, with a detour to the Moor, enjoy a pleasant stroll through time

Tales and Trails
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Take a guided walk around Knutsford and explore some of its more hidden and/or unusual attractions on a route which leads you gently around the town from Tatton Park gates in the north to the Parish Church in the south. Learn something of the people – both great and small – who shaped Knutsford from earlier centuries to the present day. And there are the buildings. See the good, the bad and the mad: enjoy their history and hear about some of their entertaining, and famous, associations.

Cranford and Elizabeth Gaskellbook your tour button
Travel back in time with our guide to discover Knutsford as the real Cranford. View the childhood home of Elizabeth Gaskell the church where she married and see the shops and residences that would have been frequented by the Cranford Ladies.

People and Placesbook your tour button
This tour takes you on a journey around Knutsford discovering some of its great historical characters. You will learn about Kings and highwaymen, architects and authors, gentry and generals. You will also discover the fascinating history behind some of Knutsford’s landmarks: the battles on the Heath, the old Prison and Knutsford during WW2 to name a few.

Virtual Tours
You may prefer to see Knutsford from the comfort of a chair, so we offer virtual tours around Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford or the People and Places of Knutsford with one of our knowledgeable guides.  These are digital presentations at the Centre each lasting about 45 minutes and cost £3.50 per person.

Turn Up and Go
Please see our Home Page.

Price List

King Street – a 1000 years of History  –  £5.00
Cranford and Elizabeth Gaskell  –  £5.00
People and Places  –  £5.00
Tales and Trails –  £5.00
Tapestry Talk only  –  £3.00
Combines Walk and Talk (Please specify which walk)  –  £7.00

Virtual Tours

Cranford and Elizabeth Gaskell  –  £3.50
People and Places  –  £3.50

Bespoke Walks for Schools, Youth Groups and Businesses

How about arranging a special walk for group(s) or staff? Choose from our exciting programme, or let us organise one which matches your requirements.

Group Bookings

Groups must be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 50.

A deposit of 25% is required which is non-refundable in the event of a visit cancellation. We accept cash or cheques made payable to ‘Knutsford Heritage Centre’. We also accept payment by Visa Card at the Centre.

Please contact the Centre by phone/email to discuss the date and time of your visit before completing the booking form.

If you plan to come by coach let us know in advance, as we have easy access to Tatton Street car park for coach drivers.

Your feedback on our Centre, and our Walks and Talks

“My friend was visiting from South Africa and wanted to know a bit more about my new home (I moved to Knutsford in March this year). What better way than a Knutsford Heritage Tour of the town.

Our Guide was a mine of information, going back to the years around the Battle of Hastings (1066). We learned about King Canute, the way Knutsford eventually came to have its name. About the armies meeting on the heath – on marches up and down the country, Elizabeth Gaskell and her connections to the town, the different churches/religious followers, the Royal Law Court in the centre and how important this was to the area. We learned so much, many thanks to our guide, what a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks also to the volunteers in the shop where my pal bought many souvenirs to take home. A really ‘must do’ tour if you are interested in KNUTSFORD. The tour takes about an hour and has a minimal cost. Thanks Knutsford Heritage Centre for a memorable day.”

“Staffed by earnest volunteers this centre gives you great information about Knutsford’s history. The tapestry is a must see and the walking tour of the town (2pm on Fridays at £5) also well worth doing. Did King Canute really cross the Ford at Knutsford?”

“Noticed this whilst walking away from the Courtyard Coffee House next door. Reading the info outside a kind lady opened the side door for us so we could get out of the rain. A most interesting display of the history of Knutsford along with that of King Canute. The Millennium Tapestry was fascinating and with my husband having lived in Knutsford as a child he was able to identify with many of the streets and buildings depicted on the wall. Well done to all involved. Keep up the good work.”

“We called on the off chance and the ladies could not have been more helpful. We looked around ourselves and were blown away be the tapestry. One of the ladies joined us and gave us more detailed information but made it so interesting. Will call again, please give our congratulations to the team there. Well done.”

“Walking through this beautiful historic town was a pleasure. The architecture of the many and varied buildings was fascinating. Then we found the Heritage centre nestling through a quaint alleyway. Initially I just wanted a fridge magnet for my collection. But we were drawn in to look at the millennium tapestry. What a fabulous piece of work. The very knowledgeable staff explained to us all about the tapestry and how it came about. There are so many other things of interest. We need to come back here and do the ‘Museum in the Street’ walk. Well done to all the staff at the Heritage Centre. You’re all doing a brilliant job. We will be back to see you and The Green Man soon.”

“All staff were enthusiastic and passionate about the people and places in Knutsford – an excellent virtual tour, and one we are keen to repeat later in the year”

“An excellent visit enjoyed by everybody with many thanks”


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