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Artefacts, Archives & Collections

The main holdings of the Knutsford Heritage Centre (KHC) are quite diverse and consist of:
·       local history books;
·       pamphlets and ephemera;
·       photographs;
·       some archives and collections;
·       artefacts.

All these items are now in the process of being catalogued using internationally recognised cataloguing systems. This is taking several years to complete as the essential supporting documentation of accession records and provenance files are also being overhauled to ensure we have the best possible record of our collections.

All this work involves much background research, often taking many hours per item so we will not complete this process overnight. At present over 5,000 items have been catalogued and there are still many more to do.

Cataloguing can be a very painstaking operation but sometimes a little gem presents itself and the sun shines again. The following images give a taste of some of the more modern photographs

The Knutsford  “Sixties Scene” from the Mallet and Boon Collection.

All these images show King Street, even the wine and spirits list is from Watson and Son who were high class grocers situated at the lower end of the street with one elevation facing the Parish Church.For those who never knew the old pre decimal coinage there were twenty shillings in a pound and twelve pennies in a shilling. The black and white 1960s photo shows Adams Hill (the clue is the positioning of the church).

 The Eighties Era in Knutsford
Views of King Street in the 1980s. Most are easily identifiable but one building may be recognized by those with an interest in history. Marble Arch is as glorious as ever.
Knutsford from Winter through to Spring

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